Effective content. It always seems impossible until it’s done!

In a world where there are 416667 likes on Facebook every minute and 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube, as a marketer you struggle every moment to find new, fresh, amazing content for your blog or for your brand. The hunger for great content is so big that each time a “publish” button is hit some of us whisper “may the odds be in your favor”.

Analytics tools are your best friends

In The Young Pope, Jude Law asks the same question we should ask ourselves: “What have we forgotten?”. We have forgotten that great content never comes easy. You have to crush those numbers in Google Analytics, Facebook Insights or other helpful tool and understand them in form of habits, interests, and attitudes. Don’t let them be just some excel cells full of numbers and percents.

Audience is the king

Knowing your customers as they are your best friends is no longer optional. And it is outrageous not to use those awesome analytics tools when most of them are basically free.

An interesting example comes from my everyday job. Writing for a big retail company should be easy (someone would say) but it gets complicated when your customer is ..everybody…literally everybody. We want everybody from a specific location to find out about our shopping mall.

The tricky part is that you could not write for everybody. At least, not in the same time. Here comes the magic of the analytics tools and content optimization.

When everything started, in august 2015 we had one main goal — to write fashion and lifestyle inspirational content. We kept it but now we know more about our online visitors than never: how they spend their time on our website, what type of content is appealing to them, what are their interests, are they reading on mobile, do they like articles with nice big pictures or with more text.

That happened because at the end of each month we are analyzing everything, from bounce rate to interests and browsers.

Research, research, research

In content marketing — even though we do not admit it all the time — inspiration is the key. Getting to know what’s hot on the market or reading interesting articles can help you create great content. This is how I ended reading a gazillion of fashion articles and be subscribed to so many fashion brands that I do not even have time to read all the emails I am receiving on a daily basis.

Drafts is not only a name for one of the email folders

A few years ago, when I was working as a freelancer, one customer asked me to write 25 headlines for 1 article. “Crazy!” I said. But he was quite right, a good headline requires hard work. Everything starts with just typing ideas, lots of ideas. Ignore spelling and grammar, don’t think about how something sounds, and just go for it. You’ll be able to go through and refine this seemingly aimless typing, taking out or adding as you revise and proofread. After a few revisions and drafts, you’ll see how your content is brought to life.

If time is your friend you can even let it “rest” overnight and just turn again to it the next day when you’ll have a fresh approach and maybe better ideas.

Last but not least, content cannot go to battle alone. It needs weapons, ammunition and a battlefield. So, do not forget to promote your content, to find the best strategy that brings the amazing content you are creating to the targeted audience.