Self-Publish The Bestseller Inside Of You: A How-To
James Altucher

That’s it! You did it, James!

I have been slowly inching up toward the cliff for some time now. I LOVE to write when inspired but am always reluctant to share the finished pieces (poems, lyrics, and such). I have been holding in a SOLID idea for my first book and have already started outlining and writing pieces of it but I’ve been apprehensive as to what will happen with it next. This post of yours though… the final spark I needed to hear (from a voice outside of the one in my head) or perhaps more aptly… the foot to my ass that finally makes me jump off the cliff I’ve been gazing from for too long. Time to be a daredevil and enjoy the experience no matter what the outcome is!

I can’t thank you enough. A simple yet perfect article posted at the perfect time for me to stumble across it.

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