One Of The Few Things I Complain About: Complaining
Gary Vaynerchuk

I complain about my anxiety, depression, ocd, ptsd and adhd(to myself). 20 years of on and off again counseling and every medication I think of… I’ve been told not everyone gets cured but I have the tools to handle when one of those symptoms creep up. It sucks that this is the best I could possibly be. I’m creative, caring and always coming up with new things. I’ve invented things when I was in my teens I’ve seen on TV years later. My mind is constantly creating but anytime I want to move forward it’s like getting punched in the chest. I wish I could snap my fingers and “just do it”. It’s debilitating. I’ve read many moving stories, motivational post like this and even a guy who posted on reddit who was ending his life. It might be a moving story for a lot of people but for me, I fall back in the abyss after minutes. Someone bottle confidence, self worth, motivation without obstacle and I’ll take it. It’s not like I haven’t tried others before.