Rod Kagy | Experts Reveal of Top Leadership Skills & Traits

Rod Kagy having great knowledge in finance and business marketing field who exceeds expectations at unquestionably clarifying entangled monetary issues. Following 1983 he has been a temperate expert and an authorized money related duty master and since 1987 an assessment budgetary consultant. In 1987, Rod Kagy built up AFM Investments, Inc., a full administration money related arranging, charge planning and venture firm in Howell, New Jersey, where he serves as the President and CEO.

For more than 10 years, Rod Kagy has sorted out the first class radio framework, The Economical Medical specialist, in which he answers audience members’ phone questions on their money related issues. Rod Kagy gives his guests uncomplicated testing love and weights the criticalness of temperate commitment and money related proficiency. His irregular methodology has made him a free thinker who does not falter to question and errand both popular and generally acknowledged money related industry sees. He cautioned of the current conservative emergencies over two years prior. Kagy’s radio applications can be found on his radio show site He additionally offers additional reactions and direction on his day by day blog.

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