A network intrusion is any unauthorized processes on a specific computer network. This attack could be a serious breach of data for small business owners, theft of proprietary information, or even a shutdown in service due to a computer virus.

An intruder comes through a door
An intruder comes through a door

Examples of Network Intrusion

Types of network intrusions can come in the form of one or a combination of sniffing, network TAPs, viruses, firewall breaches, unwanted packet analyzers, and more.

The unwanted activity can result in network downtime that can severely hamper an internet-based business such as an online retailer. An intruder to a network must be blocked, and any hacking attempts thwarted. …

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Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is a strategy that companies use to manage their interactions with customers and potential customers. It uses data analysis from customer history with a company to improve business relationships, specifically focusing on customer retention and ultimately driving sales growth CRM essentially describes the entire process of a company dealing with a customer. Often, however, CRM is associated with the backend software used for CRM.

Key features of CRM system

A CRM system allows you to store all information about a customer centrally, accessible through a single portal. In addition to master contact data such as name, telephone, email, and contact addresses, every contact with a customer is documented. Think of CRM as the modern version of a Rolodex, the classic business card organizer. Tools such as Salesforce software are an all in one solution for managing contacts, sales, productivity, and more. CRM tools compile data from a range of different communication channels, including a company’s website, telephone, email, live chat, marketing materials, and more recently, social media. …

When I was growing up, we didn’t always have cable TV. My parents didn’t make a lot of money, so when I was young, we only subscribed to cable during the summer. Even then, I didn’t watch it all that much. I spent most of my time on my grandparents’ farm or teaching myself to use a pogo stick.

But for the last 15 years, we’ve had good ol’ cable TV. Yes, now that includes a DVR and on-demand programs, but for the most part, we keep cable TV so we can click the power button and switch the channel to something interesting. …

Transitioning from a more traditional head to the office in the morning then leave between 5 and 6 job two years ago was both liberating and an enormous challenge. The switch was liberating because I gained more control over my schedule and greater autonomy over my work. But remote work requires new skills that I’d not yet developed, such as more precise time management and greater agility with electronic communication.

I navigated these waters slowly at first and learned some hard lessons early on. Collaborating with teams already experienced with remote work helped me a great deal, and several skilled managers gave me crucial advice. Today, however, I have dozens of friends and former co-workers that are jumping into the work-from-home world for the first time, digitally surrounded by others who are on the same steep learning curve. …

It seems like every day features yet another account in the news about hacked websites and seized information, urging the public to change their passwords to secure their data. The worldwide population has a growing awareness about keeping their data secure, and they expect any website they visit to have taken the required steps to ensure their information is safe.

Any WordPress website that gathers data from its users needs to set up SSL. From yoga studios that offer online signups for groups to chat forums to image-sharing platforms and more, SSL is not just for credit card authorization security.

For a small business proprietor, when it comes to collecting information from their customers, it can be a make-or-break moment if their website gets attacked and hacked. …

The Gutenberg editor has now been around for a while, but you still can’t be certain that the WordPress theme you found is Gutenberg-ready. The selection is still limited compared to the past when you could use any theme.

Here are some WordPress themes for distinct purposes that are both high quality and work with the new editor. Most importantly, they are free!

Whether you want to manage a simple website, a blog, a portfolio website or a full-fledged online store, we’ve got you covered.

Why These WordPress Themes?

Of course, the professional design was crucial but also some other standard factors:

  • All of the themes are Gutenberg ready and have been updated after Gutenberg became part of WordPress. …

WordPress is Google-friendly, straight out of the box. Experts confirm this. Yet these same experts offer advanced SEO plugins and solutions for WordPress websites. How come?

It’s because there is always something to improve. Here’s what Yoast SEO by Joost DeValk, one of our foremost blogging superheroes, enables you to do. Ideally you change these settings right after WordPress setup.

The following tweaks can substantially affect your standing on Google and beyond.

How can you implement these changes yourself? Just download and install the Yoast SEO plugin and follow the instructions below or the links to more detailed tutorials.

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Yoast SEO Does Not Need an Introduction Really — Here it is Nonetheless

Yoast SEO is the most popular “all-in-one” WordPress plugin for search engine optimization (SEO) with millions of active installations. …

The EasyWP team recently took to the internet to find out what blogging experts say are the best benefits of WordPress. After taking a look at the data, we discovered quite a few themes that came up again and again:

Control — you own your site and decide
Cost — you don’t have to pay for the software
Ease of use — you don’t need to be a geek
Flexibility — you can build any style of website
Plugins — you can add advanced functionality easily
Popularity — you are one among millions who use it
SEO — you get found by Google with ease
Speed — you can make your site load…

There is no shortage of articles touting the fact that WordPress is the world’s #1 content management system. While this is true, for a beginner, this doesn’t inherently mean that the platform is easy. There are a lot of choices out there, and almost every website builder claims that their system is easy to use.

While many factors contribute to the overwhelming popularity of WordPress, the fact is that, yes, it’s easy to use. It does require some know-how, but that can be said of almost any software. Remember the first time you opened up Microsoft Excel?

The WordPress platform is easier to use than many platforms you probably engage with…


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