Life Cycles — Intuition

Get in touch with your intuition. One of the best things you can do for yourself and I can testify to it. For me it has worked in my favor, but I understand how to use it to my advantage. Intuition by definition means: the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. This is one of the many blessings we have and we often take this for granted. Feeling when things are going well and when they are not without a particular rhyme or reason is a gift. Use it.

Life does things in cycles. There is night and day. There is sleep and woke. There is black and white. There is positive and negative. There is happy and sad. Think about it, and internalize it. Things happen in cycles and this is what you need to understand to shift your mindset to do better in life. In this context let’s explore the idea of success directly caused by this mindset.

Think about a time when things were not going well in an your life — a negative cycle. It is very common for an individual to overthink, obsess, or be immobilized by bad times and is detrimental to personal growth. Someone with a growth mindset will understand that they are in a negative cycle, stay level-headed and accept the things they cannot change. Once you accept the things they cannot change they are forced to think about what they can control, this is the beginning. By thinking about what you can control and directing energy to the positives, they open the door to opportunities that would otherwise be missed. It is true that the negative cycle will not last forever, but here is the difference. The person who over-analyzed and focused on the negatives missed the opportunities for large growth. In my life experience negative experience can nearly almost be a springboard into amazing comebacks.

The advantage of intuition is that when you feel things are going real well, you should celebrate but stay level-headed and grounded. Mistakes often happen due to hubris. When you feel things are bad, do not look down… but up — walk with your head down or you might miss a blessing. Keep these things in mind and I guarantee you will move through life with much less effort and seem to be lucky more often than others. You will become the person people admire because you face adversity head on. You become stronger and people will see and feel it in your demeanor.

Try it out for yourself.

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