Let’s start a Startup

Hey guys let’s start a Startup.

Let’s just do it. Startup. We’ll do something that everyone needs and we’ll do it better. Maybe we’ll give them a new way to write, or a new way to read, or a new way to buy! How about instead of a new way we make a better way! A better way to work, a better way to eat, a better way to live. Scratch that, we’ll make new pants. Better pants. No pants at all, they’ll be overalls, overalls made by workers that have a name! A REAL NAME. How about ketchup? NO CATSUP, bring back Catsup. We’ll make sure it’s organic, and local and from a farmer that doesn’t receive government subsidies, do those even exist? We’ll make a startup to fund farmers that don’t have subsidies from the government, maybe pot farmers? No, too soon. I know we’ll make a startup that uses analytics and analyses news to tell you when it’s too soon to joke about something in the news OR when it’s too soon to invest. No wait a startup that takes your money and invests it so that you don’t have to work we’ll promise quick returns in exchange for referals to their friends but we’ll only invest in local markets…or in small third world markets. I know let’s make a startup where we can trade in guns for cows to third world farmers, trade in guns for smartphones for inner city kids! Employing single mothers. NO WAIT! Let’s make a service where single mothers join and meet other single mothers where they can compare their schedules and each contribute in taking care of each other’s kids while the other is at work, we’ll name it “ItTakesAVillage” NO NO We’ll make sustainable villages for drought stricken areas from recycled pizza boxes! Let’s make an app that shows you where the nearest pizza has just finished baking UP TO THE MINUTE, we’ll have a partner system with local restaurants…..no how about we make coffe mugs? they’ll have sensors in them that alert you when the coffee is starting to taste bad. No? You don’t like that one? Guys? You like any of them? Anyone?

….please?…..I don’t want to go back to my cubicle.

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