The Year I Didn’t Give a Fuck

Going into 2014 I made it my New Year’s resolution to not give a ‘fuck’ and as the year comes to a close I took note of the big learns from giving no ‘fucks’ and figured why not share, because you never know who could relate.

  1. Know Yourself. So many live and spend much of their lives trapped in the mind by the ego. Choosing to listen to that ‘voice’ in their head rather than listening to their inner being. This year taught me how to break from from that voice and detach from the ego. As a result I learned that we aren’t our thoughts and that perception is (not always) reality, sometimes is just that.. a perception created by the mind. You only need to be cool to yourself, and once you know, feel and accept who you genuinely are as a life soul rather than a human being painted by society your actions towards yourself and others become genuine because it’s always YOU. Everything we do isn’t meant to make sense to everyone else so do you, fuck cool and always forgive yourself for the mistakes you make along the way becuase at the end of the day you answer to you and nobody else. Knowing and understanding yourself will always be more important than others knowing and understanding you and thanks to 2014 I can never say I didn’t know the real me.
  2. Don’t waste time. Our time on this planet is truly limited. What’s 60–80 years if you’re lucky to a planet that’s been around for millions? We waste so much time giving ‘fucks’ to things that are so miniscule and the things that are important to give a ‘fuck’ about we spend more time giving ‘fucks’ about it than coming up with and acting on a solution to resolve it. Life happens, don’t frustrate yourself with things that were most likely always out of your control in the first place. Our time is limited and at our core we’re all here chasing the same things on different paths; peace, happiniess and love. You control your own happiniess. So be happy, always show love and never forget the power a smile and thank you hold. Most importantly don’t be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve, just understand that by doing so of course it’s going to get a few paper cuts.
  3. Slow down, be patient and pay attention to the little things. For example rather than speeding to work in 20 minutes, why not leave earlier to drive sanely and enjoy the world around you in whatever city you live in?Don’t frustrate yourself when you’re doing all the things that are part of the journey to be where/who you want to be and it’s taking ‘too long.’ Time is what you make it and you can spend that time worrying about how time is moving too slow/fast or dedicate that time towards whatever it is your passionate about each and every day. Consistent, good habits create successful opportunities and creating consistency takes time, so just focus on getting a little better each day rather than wanting to go ‘0 to 100 real quick’. Everything is a process, so always be aware of where you’re at and what the next step is. You can learn something from everything, but it’s up to you to pay attention.

This year I learned how to be a better son, friend, boyfriend, employee and person all while learning to undertand and stay true to myself. Thank you 2014, and cheers to the future.

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