August Dividend Earnings Update

Slowly but surely, I am increasing my dividend payments.

August is very important for me because coming into this month I was focusing mainly on dividend yield and if the stock is either a member of the Dividend Aristocrats or Dividend Champions. I haven’t really focused on what I really want for this account — dividend growth investing.

Now that it it’s crystal clear I added another metric on how I screen my stocks. They have to have at least more than 5% growth for the past 10 years. That means I probably won’t be buying AT&T any time soon as it only has around 3% growth for the past 10 years. Something you don’t really want if you’re investing for the long run. Remember folks this is some long term investment!

Now that’s it if the way my earnings for August is $7.08! Coming from AT&T (NYSE: T) and Realty Income (NYSE: O). I have now done a full cycle on my stocks and it can only go up from here as always!