When your personal friends start their own “Internet Argument”

Goodness gracious, I woke up today expecting to see the usual Facebook posts — selfies, kittens, puppies, life quotes, and politics. I did not expect two of my dear friends fighting and now I am sad.

It makes me sad not because they were arguing over the internet (everyone does) but because of how it was handled by both parties and how it ended with personal attacks.

The original post was about Scarlet Johansson being casted as Major Makoto Kusanagi in Ghost in the Shell. It was quickly derailed when social justice culture was mentioned.

Before we get things started we’ll reference my friends as Foo and Bar for simplicity's sake and because #developer.

Foo said.

SJW culture. look it up its hair pullingly annoying

Blanket statements are always wrong. They are nebulous and often times will send the wrong message.

Foo’s post was condescending and written in poor taste. Personally, I think Foo shouldn’t have posted it or at the very least change the verbiage.

And so Bar replied with.

…You think SJW is annoying because you take the extremists in that bunch and make a blanket statement about all of them? Try the mansplainers. I suspect there’s one in this thread.

Ad hominem attacks are just as bad as blanket statements. Both do not contribute anything positive to conversations.

And when you think things could not get uglier, Bar closed her argument and included this in her statement.

…Good luck with raising your daughter, though I don’t have much hopes.

Attacking one’s point of view is the whole point of an argument, however including personal attacks especially that person’s family is not the right way of proving your point.

I think people need to engage more in social justice and feminism topics as they are very important on how we as a society advances. Just not this way.

Always be respectful no matter what. It doesn’t matter how much you hate that person or how wrong you think their point of view is. Always be the bigger man or woman if an argument turns nasty.