My Take: Fundamental Patent Granted to AdMobilize; Locking Intellectual Property for DOOH’s Intersection of Audience Measurement and Programmatic Ad Serving.

Rodolfo Saccoman
5 min readAug 9, 2019


Patent granted to AdMobilize LLC, Miami Beach, FL US until 2037.

Today, I wanted to share the news about AdMobilize being granted its first patent, as part of our IP portfolio strategy. The news was just released this morning and it marks an important milestone for our team; one of those moments the team further realizes that a long-term vision can actually come to fruition. Equally important, we are providing clients with technology which can enable exponential growth for their businesses, and ultimately, that is the holy grail of commerce.

I have always appreciated those companies that have products that actually can do what their patents claim to do. It took us 5 years, but today, the IP on the patent is actually a product that our clients and partners can use. I realize getting a patent does not dictate the success of any young tech company. Instead, I see it as another step in the right direction towards becoming a key piece of the puzzle, which will catapult out of home media’s growth into double-digit revenues from the total advertising global spend.

Digital out of home (#dooh), and out of home (#ooh) media are still under the radar for being recognized as a high-tech advertising medium. But this is changing at high velocity. Obviously, I am bullish that digital signage and AI provide one of the last advertising “data frontiers” to be reached. Hardware is less expensive, connectivity continues to be abundant (can’t wait for 5G to become mainstream), and all the key platforms can now communicate (media owners, programmatic engines, AI-powered real-time ground truth analytics and engagement, access to third party data, and so on) via robust APIs.

For those digital signage entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, I wish continued courage in elevating this amazing industry and following your personal dreams. As I always tell my team, “keep pushing!”

Official Press Release:

MIAMI, FLORIDA, August 9, 2019 — Demonstrating its commitment to accelerating the adoption of digital out of home media, AdMobilize announces it was granted an instrumental “method and system for dynamically adjusting displayed content based on analysis of viewer attributespatent issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

AdMobilize was launched in 2014 and has solidified its position as the global market leader (serving 150 clients in over 80 countries) in providing the most robust and fully anonymous, “privacy by design”, end-to-end audience measurement and engagement platform for OOH. Today, AdMobilize has partnerships with many of the industry’s leading media owners, agencies, system integrators, and digital signage CMS, hardware, and programmatic engine providers, including: Signagelive, BrightSign, Vistar Media, Adomni, Intel, Hivestack, Ayuda Media Systems, Lumo Digital, Saudi Signs, Reflect Systems, Convergent, Cadreon (IPG Mediabrand’s Ad tech unit) and beyond.

According to AdMobilize CEO & Co-founder Rodolfo Saccoman, cited as the patent’s inventor, digital out of home is undergoing a technological renaissance marking the transition from analog static assets to fully intelligent digital screens. The underpinnings of this transformation are ultimately the brands requesting systems for DOOH that parallel the platforms available to them for mobile and internet advertising. The ability to utilize real-time granular data to customize and adapt campaigns, to measure aggregated and anonymized viewership insights, to deliver campaigns that are both contextually relevant and timely, and to show campaign attribution, is swiftly becoming the expected normal for the OOH industry at large.

“The AdMobilize team is obsessed in building the world’s #1 intelligence platform for DOOH, thus being granted this patent (devised 4 years ago), is a testament of our long-term vision and commitment to the industry,”

commented Saccoman. AdMobilize is known as the most innovative MarTech computer vision tech company for OOH media, introducing a collection of the most advanced and scalable technologies for audience measurement, crowd analytics, and vehicle intelligence. AdMobilize also invented the AI Sensor™, which launched a new category of affordable “plug and measure” edge-AI sensors to quantify the physical world.

According to Saccoman,

“this issued patent (valid until 2037) is particularly important to our clients, partners, and the end-users, who ultimately entrust us in always providing them with cutting-edge solutions, which are also protected and paired by intellectual property.”

When asked about competitors attempting or using some type of the now protected technology (in serving DOOH ads dynamically based on user attributes), Saccoman elaborates, “there are very few players in the space attempting to have real-time ad trigger technology, of which one company has already contacted us to license our IP, and for those that have not, we are determining next steps. Our goal is to continue elevating the overall industry, positively towards its full growth and revenue potential.”

As of today, the dynamic ad trigger solution (protected by AdMobilize’s patent) is readily available for any new or current customer looking to utilize anonymous audience data to trigger ads programmatically based on age, gender, demographics, emotion, attention, and a whole range of other user attributes. Those interested should contact AdMobilize at for details.

About AdMobilize

AdMobilize, is the world’s leading AI computer vision analytics company for digital signage, DOOH, OOH, out of home media, retail & in-store analytics. Headquartered in Miami, USA with sister offices in the UK, Colombia, and Brazil, AdMobilize is a venture-backed MarTech AI company with seamless solutions for implementing advanced computer vision technologies in the brick and mortar world. The company has one clear mission; connecting the physical world to the online grid. Our “drop in” solutions yield to each customer’s hardware/software needs. AdMobilize’s suite of analytics and engagement products are designed to be “Plug and Measure”, enabling real-time audience analytics and intelligence to be instantly activated and integrated at scale on any software/hardware platform. For more information, please visit

AdMobilize’s fully anonymous, real-time advertising & content-triggering tech based on audience attributes.



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