AI-Powered Measurement Is Not For Amateurs. Avoid These Serious Mistakes To Maximize Returns.

So why are these corporations doing it?

Okay, but what now? How do we go about it?

People often have the following ideas of how to go about it:

“This is not so hard, we will build it ourselves, we have smart engineers and corporate backing.”

“I found this company in (fill in the blank country) and they apparently have a super inexpensive solution.”

“There is this new start-up that is promising the best ever analytics solution for my (OOH, retail, QSR, etc) industry.”

“I have heard of xyz provider who supposedly has been doing this the longest. I’m going to trust that.”

So, here’s a quick guide of what’s important?

  • Operating System Agnostic (Windows, Linux, Android)
  • Global Device Management (updates, alerts, monitoring, backup)
  • Comprehensive Documentation
  • Minimal Bandwidth Consumption (both Wi-Fi and 3G)
  • Smallest Latency of Data Capture and Analysis (ideally sub 15 milliseconds)
  • Highest Accuracy of Algorithms (92–98%)
  • Strict Data Protection Policies
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Media Player Integrations
  • Proprietary Machine Learning Engines (not using a third party)
  • CMS Integrations
  • Advanced Edge-Processing Analytics
  • Full Encryption of Data
  • Whole Product Under One Platform Including Face, Crowd, Vehicles Analytics (more streamlined provider management)
  • 100% Anonymous Data Only
  • Size of Trained Databases and Proprietary
  • Optimized for Low Power Devices (inexpensive hardware)
  • Automatic Backups
  • A Full Stack Solution
  • Intuitive and Flexible Dashboards
  • Easy Data Access and Granular Reporting
  • Instant Detection
  • Integrations into Programmatic Engines
  • Commitment to First-Class Support and Services
  • Global Footprint
  • Flexibility on Volume Pricing
  • Real-time Data Only
  • Flawless Data Preservation Hosting
  • Ability for Data to Trigger Dynamic Ads Based On Real-Time Audience Attributes
  • Patents Held by The Provider
  • Responsiveness and Kindness of Team
  • Must Be Providers’ Core Focus
  • Innovative, Cutting-Edge Culture Ideally (future tech roadmap)
  • All-Encompassing API’s for Integrations



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Rodolfo Saccoman

Rodolfo Saccoman

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