Nothing beats real-time data. Period.

AdMobilize’s patented AI platform introduces a new KPI.

OOH Media & Digital Signage Navigate the Crisis

Today, ad networks and digital signage screens are located everywhere in the brick and mortar world. I call it the “third screen revolution,” where digital signage is the last screen to be monetized (PCs and smartphones are the precursors).

This Crisis Has Truly Exposed Measurement Inefficiencies

At AdMobilize, we have been taken back by the amount of new relationships we have built during the past 2 months with leaders eager to understand the ROI value of AI-based measurement technology. (For reference, today we serve 160 clients in 80+ countries). These engagements reaffirm that when operators, retailers, brands, and agencies only utilize traditional measurement standards, (sans real-time proof-of-performance data), they are leaving significant value variables out of the equation.

At the end of the day it goes back to basics: what was the actual audience engagement with the screen? Who looked at that 8 second ad rotation? It’s about providing the equivalent of the “click-through” rate for brick and mortar. We call it the “gaze-through” rate, or actual views versus impressions.

During this crisis, existing clients and new prospects are asking for additional data intelligence. During these times of social distancing, clients want to have real-time metrics of people, vehicles, and crowds. They want to know what percentage of pedestrians are wearing masks (a new KPI coming to AdMobilize clients). They want people counting analytics for large spaces, direction of flow, vehicle types, audience proof-of-engagement and more. They don’t want assumptions based on historical data. They want high-accuracy tangible data. Clients tell us that they have urgency and need fluidity. Now more than ever, data can serve as an important tool in unlocking the digitization of brick and mortar.

We see the physical world as a giant webpage. Our technology enables clients to make sense of this space. The compelling difference contrasted to online, is that our science is completely anonymous by edge-design. There are no cookies, no recognition, no images saved, no tracking of phones. It is all based on aggregated data that is processed into binary numbers at the edge, while intuitive data dashboards are cloud based.

What Are The Key Metrics and ROI Benefits

Agencies, brands, programmatic engines, operators, and retailers are extracting ROI from utilizing this type of intelligence in many different ways. Here is a further breakdown to substantiate the value proposition:

Closing Thoughts

The last time I wrote a Medium post, we lived in a different reality than today. These are such difficult times for humanity. So many lives and businesses have been severely impacted. Nevertheless, I am an optimist-realist and a student of “singularity” principles; our science, collaboration tools, and innovation are more advanced than ever in tackling such a crisis. Despite overwhelming global suffering, each one of us has an important role to play in finding strength, perseverance, and compassion in helping and positively guiding others towards a different but still very promising future.

Serial Tech Entrepreneur. CEO & Co-founder of AdMobilize & MATRIX Labs. Solving exponential problems with AI + Data. Pursuing dreams. Loving family & friends.

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