AdMobilize’s patented AI platform introduces a new KPI.

OOH Media & Digital Signage Navigate the Crisis

Today, ad networks and digital signage screens are located everywhere in the brick and mortar world. I call it the “third screen revolution,” where digital signage is the last screen to be monetized (PCs and smartphones are the precursors).

There were two key missing pieces for digital signage (in OOH, communications, retail) to exponentially grow; programmatic and real-time analytics. It’s the natural evolution of how media and content is traded on screens, and how it successfully catapulted e-commerce and mobile. …

Patent granted to AdMobilize LLC, Miami Beach, FL US until 2037.

Today, I wanted to share the news about AdMobilize being granted its first patent, as part of our IP portfolio strategy. The news was just released this morning and it marks an important milestone for our team; one of those moments the team further realizes that a long-term vision can actually come to fruition. Equally important, we are providing clients with technology which can enable exponential growth for their businesses, and ultimately, that is the holy grail of commerce.

I have always appreciated those companies that have products that actually can do what their patents claim to do. It took…

* April 16, 2019 on Yahoo Finance. TTM Chart.

These are the kind of game theory scenarios that constantly navigate in my mind. Can you imagine an industry where Internet tech giants start acquiring and investing in traditional OOH media companies? Well, it has begun.

My sentiment is that digital signage and out-of-home related M&A and investment activity will intensely accelerate from this point forward.

In the past months, important investment deals started to flourish, a few to highlight:

Netflix (NFLX) acquired a portion of Regency Outdoor Advertising for allegedly $150M (read)

McDonald’s (MCD) just acquired personalization tech firm Dynamic Yield for $300M (read)

Walmart (WMT) acquired ad technology company Polymorph Labs, undisclosed amount (read)

Firefly raised $21M last year from VCs including…

Internal and external indicators point to the fact the industry is officially “crossing the chasm” in the adoption of computer-vision analytics across their networks. It was inevitable, as I have been expressing for years, but there is always that “natural, tech-adoption curve” that needs to be respected.

We have been waiting, building, and working for over half a decade towards the moment where brands, operators, and brick and mortar businesses would realize that they could extract massive amounts of value from having real-time data of what’s happening with their physical world assets. …

I love AdWeek in NYC; it always exudes elevated levels of “thinking collisions per capita” in the advertising industry.

Obviously, I am not siloed on being bullish about the growth projections of outdoor advertising and digital signage. Research suggests a global OOH ad spend of $38B for 2018, with 38 million connected digital screens (for advertising, communications, wayfinding, menu boards, and so on).

The hunger for real-time measurement and intelligence for OOH/DOOH is at a tipping point. To contextualize this current exponential demand curve, AdMobilize’s sales have grown about 1,100% over the last 2 years. As a serial tech entrepreneur, I know that all technological breakthroughs go through a period of intense resistance, and then the market realizes that the new promised advancements can scale and actually do two things: maximize profits and/or improve efficiencies.

It’s hard to grasp that AdMobilize was launched 5 years ago with a clear mission: to provide real-time measurement and proof-of-performance analytics for Out-of-Home and digital signage. AdMobilize…

Rodolfo Saccoman

Serial Tech Entrepreneur. CEO & Co-founder of AdMobilize & MATRIX Labs. Solving exponential problems with AI + Data. Pursuing dreams. Loving family & friends.

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