You’ve put a number of words into my mouth there, Rodolfo.
Jenn Sutherland-Miller

I discern on the fallibility of your claim. I might had misunderstood some of your words and i do apologize for that. BUT i don’t understand how do you intend to make the world better by “using right” the privilege.

It’s like claiming that you want to be rich to help the poor. While in fact your own richness made more poverty than you can ever remedy. Privilege works analogically privilege was not born from the ether, it was raised from others suffering.

I understand my words are pretty harsh but i do truly believe that speaking one’s mind is always harsh. And i want to repeat, I am sorry if i put words on your mouth, that was not my intention. All i wanted was to express my disagreement with your claims, but of course maybe i am wrong, for no man holds the truth.

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