Before you start learning something new, read this
Simone Brunozzi

Other cool usages of Time

When learning something is not worth it

On response of the previous article i recommend you some other usages of your time. Because if you were to learn something it means you had time and money.

  • Sleep: i know it sounds as a terribly under-archieving activity, but think about it. You can always use another daily hour of sleep.
  • Go on a walk and get an ice cream/coffee: Everybody likes ice cream!
  • Read a book you always wanted: If you decided not-to-learn something dedicate that time to read something you like but never had the time to read. Instead of that 1 daily hour of java programming pick-up your old books and start eating them!
  • Post on It’s quite rewarding to be read by others.
  • Sleep: It’s still the best option.
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