Why you MUST get paid.

And still help your good cause.

Last friday night i ate some hamburgers where a friend of mine practices karate. He is a true fan of karate. He loves his dojo so much and he is such a fan of karate that he offered himself to make all the hamburgers that night.

That is the face of pride.

He did it for free. He did’t care about getting paid, he just wanted to make some money for the dojo and have a good time with some friends. Some friends of him, me included, helped him makeing those hamburgers. We ate a couple of them, and more or less half didn’t got sold. We drank beer and talked all night long after making all the stuff. It was a nice time.

He did it for free.

Some days later he called us. He said that the numbers of that night were red, and that we all must pay up for what we ate, including himself. What’s more he negociated that every one of us would pay a fixed amount. (i’m not getting into numbers to avoid confussion because we don’t use dollars).

I don’t complain about me for i was just there helping a little and it’s not much money. But he got burned making that food, he recived nothing in exchange and now he has to pay. He was as proud as one can be of helping his beloved dojo and now just because the one in charge of selling couldn’t sell as much and the price was too low he has to payup the red numbers.

He has to pay the broken dishes

You see, good will is just not enough. Not in this world at the very least. Numbers are essential to let us ‘be good’. Just working your heart out is not what your cause deserves, it deserves a cold bad casher making external people to pay with a smile much more than the stuff is worth. After all they are not giving the money for the food or whatever but to contribute.

If you are not the one in charge nor the cashier demanding a payment for your time is the best way to show the others how important the money they are raising is. Afterwards you can donate it, but first get paid.

That is only my humble advice.

Thanks for reading.

Have a nice day.


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