New day starting in Montmartre

A new day starting, woke up at about 5am today, I am very excited.
We arrived to our new home and first official apartment in Paris at Montmartre. Amazing view and beautiful place.

We signed the lease with my wife about a week ago. I am very in love with her and this is one of the best moments in our lives.

We are two blocks from Sacre Cour, nice neighbourhood! Great places around. Yesterday we went to eath somewhere I completely recommend. The quality of the pizza was excepcional. The name of the place is Mamma Romma.

Also we had breakfast at a really nice coffee shop just in front of our house. Great blueberry muffins, scones and delicious coffees.

Some essentials and things came to realization.

  1. Life is much different with internet, it is amazing how difficult a slow or not good internet connexion. This is a major step into being more productive in life! Hurrah for high speed internet and being able to watch videos in 1080 and for greater concentration to work early in the morning without distractions!
  2. A washing machine at home is important and also specially great to have one here.
  3. A home is not just a house and we have a real home now.

All of this make life different, small details that improve the quality of our life.

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