Boeing presented pictures of the cabin concepts they are working on.


I have been passionate about planes since the first time I flew. There is something special about these advanced machines that can transport us anywhere in the world. Planes are beautiful and crafted in a perfect way as a result of years of work of many people. I have always enjoyed going to the airport, preparing to fly, seeing planes flying, boarding the plane then the take off, trip and landing. I enjoy every minute of traveling, looking at different scenery, landscapes, talking to people and walking around airports. It is truly magical that all of this is happening thanks to people and planes.

Today Boeing flew its new jet 737 MAX, and this plane is a beauty:

This plane has a much better environmental performance. Its superior fuel efficiency reduces carbon emissions, the quieter 737 MAX has a 40% smaller noise footprint than today’s single-aisle airplanes. A 14% reduction in specific fuel consumption compared to a 737–800. It looks really great too.

Earlier this month Boeing presented pictures of the cabin concepts they are working on. Their interior design concepts are very impressive and make me feel like the future has arrived.

Boeing is also planning on including curved TV screens that will show flight details, films and TV Shows. I imagine Netflix will be included.

Their concepts also include LED light displays for special lighting.

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The future of airplanes is looking bright and I am excited about it.