Drone racing at the Miami Dolphins football stadium in Florida

Drone Racing

I recently watched a video about drone racing and it is unbelievable what they are like. More than likely this is where the future is headed. I can imagine my kids one day telling me about how they went to school and raced their drones for extracurricular activities during computer sports.
When I was a child, I used to play soccer, chess and racing video games with my cousins. It is difficult to believe, but one day drone racing could be a worldwide sport.
Even right now there are drone leagues starting and people are using technologies, such as virtual reality and remote controls, that allow them to race and compete in stadiums:

This video is spot-on in describing drone racing, such as in StarWars. More than likely the near future, there will be international drone racing
competitions between some of the most skilled racers.

I am impressed seeing the current state of technology in the above videos!

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