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Seeflight is currently in early beta; however, anyone can search for flights to and from various cities once registered on the site. I have been working on finding sites where I will list our website in order to acquire users. This listings are meant to find early adopters of Seeflight.

We are currently working with Expedia (our engine is working very well with them) in the US and these are the cities we are offering: 
- New York
- Los Angeles
- Las Vegas
- San Francisco
- Chicago
- Houston
- Miami
- Phoenix
- Philadelphia
- Washington
- Durham 
- Seattle

If you live in any of these cities please try Seeflight! Let me know what you think and if you want us to add more cities please let me know.

Next week we will be adding other partners for US to Europe flights. Currently we are experiencing higher prices with Expedia than the ones we have listed; but this will be solved soon when we add the links for CheapOAir, our partner for international flights from the US. I ‘ve confirmed that our best prices will match CheapOAir so please if you are trying Seeflight and in the case you are not finding the listed price with Expedia please search for it on CheapOAir. This week we will be adding our links to their site. Rest assured that our domestic prices match Expedia and is working well!

We are currently not listing Ryan Air, Easy Jet and Transavia in Europe but the prices of the airlines we have represent a higher price/quality ratio thus bringing a better experience to the traveller. The absolute goal of Seeflight is not only to find the cheapest dates but to find and know when it is cheaper to travel instantly. Usually airlines determine their prices together so if one date is cheaper with one airline there is a greater likelihood that it will also be cheaper with another. We will also consider having Ryan Air, Easy Jet and Transavia if users prefer using these airlines. At this moment, the best prices we offer for Inter-European flights are from Iberia, Vueling, Air Europa, Air France, British Airways, Alitalia and others.

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