Reason To Create

To create a product there most be a reason, what I read and hear from many entrepreneurs is that they created products having great reasons to build them. I think the reason originates from a personal feeling or interests of entrepreneurs to achieve and accomplish a experience changing result. I have been looking for flights online for years, I have used many different ways to search and compare travel information trough the years and they have always taken me hours of searching every time.

A point came in which I couldn’t accept the online travel searching offers taking time and sessions of searches that were non optimal in my perspective. I wanted to search for good European flights at good prices with a couple of clicks to find the best dates, these searches were always taking me hours to compare and find the best options. I searched the best flights from Paraguay for my mom to come visit my wife and I in Paris for our wedding. To find the best dates and prices took me hours of searching and comparing, prices are always dynamically changing so when information changes in a day or two the whole search needs to restart. So I decided to build something different to make searches more intuitive and less time consuming because this is a personal feeling and traveling is important to me. This is the reason I have to create, to make a way in which searching for flights can be more confortable and time efficient.

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