This year I will write and read much more

I am planning to work on some subjects this year: I want to write and read more. I have read some books on 2015 but this year I will read two books per week or more. I will read as much as possible and if possible will do a book a day. Some of the subjects I am interested on reading are technology and product. I also enjoy reading about leadership. Technology is changing, products evolve and leadership requires understanding of many factors.

I am going to write everyday here, anytime of the day. I could write about something I am working on, or a video, tv show, movies and even the books I will be reading and what I think about them.

When I was a kid my dad had many books, I was born in Paraguay, South America and I believe the cultural education I received was great. I listened to a lot of classical music, started to read music and play the violin at age 9. I played as a soloist when I was 16 year old, a violin concerto with a symphony orchestra. I read many books about chess and won some chess tournaments in high school being trained with an IM.
At the same time I was attracted by technology and computers, my grandfather used to call me anytime he had computer problems and I was able to solve things within minutes. I was impressed at how I could give commands to the computer on DOS. Also, at the same time I was reading some business books my dad had at home and going through his work presentations. He had about 1000 books or more at home, we used to go together to buy books. I was raised to read a lot and understand things and I appreciate that.

This year I am reading and writing more and it is going to be great.

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