Web applications and mobile apps

We are currently working on a web application and many times I have thought about how it would look on mobile, somehow different. Have been working on it; is a different approach to create a mobile application.

First, in a mobile application there is reduced space for content so there are different types of interactions that the users will have to do for filters and other features compared to the desktop application. 
Sometimes application are made first for mobile and then desktop application second. I think it is different, mobile is not where applications should always start at. I believe that many times starting with mobile is right but not always. People still use computers a lot, so we should be aware that both desktop and mobile are important. I would rather look for my airplane ticket on a computer than search it on a phone. A tablet is the second alternative.

Of course, there is a lot of people that would also shop on the phone but looking at statistics there is more people buying airplane tickets and booking hotels on a computer.

In mobile it is also different, we have the mobile browser and the mobile application. I am very excited about how the application is going to look on a mobile browser or mobile application but there is a division in user usage between both and they look a bit different. There is a 37% increase in people booking through an application rather than in the mobile browser since 2014 to June 2015. It looks like people is going to start using more the mobile applications than the mobile browser apps.

When building an application all of this factors are important, where our customers are and how they search and book for travel in our case. Our focus is on a desktop and the mobile application.