Inspiration Found

There, that was easy.

Today is a wee odd for me. Not odd in that I am seeking inspiration, but that I have pushed myself (and been helped) out of the office to think. So, here I am thinking.

Best laptop view in days!

Computer up, flowing spring creek in view. Now, what is this all about? What have I really found that inspires me.

Earlier today, I sat in a customers Family Entertainment Center location, watching, absorbing, thinking and wondering. I found that there is good thinking that can be done in a highly lit flashy setting, but I needed to change my focus. So, off I went to the next spot.

Now, back to this little stream. One of the tasks I face is organizational process improvement. There, I stood up, looked at the water, pushing rocks, falling, flowing and bubbling. Ever changing . That was it. Ever changing.

Here I am forming some thoughts, before I get back to impacting ‘how the work get’s done’ in the office. How we advance the product and service we offer our customers (internal and external), is essential.

The water coming from the higher ground is not stopping when it hits this bend near my table. It is not going to wait for the rock to move. It is not going to retreat and flow back up the hill.

It will forge ahead. It will push at the rock, slowly but steadily. Standing there, I will never see the rock change. Nor will I ever see that water again. It has moved on. Forward, ahead, having overcome the rock, the ledge and plants. It stirred up dust and sediment, some moving along with it, the rest falling back into place near where it was picked up. (But, still moved!)

So, inspired, I reflect on the choices we are making to move as the water moves, or as the rocks resist it. I am going to move as the water moves. There will be rocks I hit, falls I do not see and sediment creating a mess. But, forging ahead, the water will change the river, and have left it’s mark.

#everchanging #insightsempower