Does Drinking Wine Make Me Sexy?

Okay, we have all seen the commercial ads using sex as the primary attention getter to sell us something very unsexy in nature. As a matter of fact, unless we live on some remote island or mountaintop, we are inundated daily by sex sells advertising. Wine by its very nature is sexy, look at the feminine curved bottles and glasses for example. Soft, silky and smooth to our senses it is easy to make the leap if you will to getting in the mood while drinking a glass of wine. 
The wine industry takes full advantage of this as well, can’t really blame them it is an inherent part of their lifestyle. As a matter of fact, other industries sexy-up their advertising by putting a glass and/or bottle of wine in the ad. Again, not judging simply admiring the global and cultural effect wine elicits from all of us. So, before we can answer the question of “Does drinking wine make me sexy”, we need to explore why wine is so sexy on its own.
It starts with the ordered rows in a vineyard, stretching across hills and valleys for miles in the distance. We are awestruck not only by its beauty but by the geometric sense of order it gives to us. If only our lives could be so orderly and organized! Sitting by a vineyard, watching the bees, smelling the scents of summer it is easy to get caught up in the romanticism of harvesting and making wine. The vineyard is the nursery where our unborn wine will grow and develop its varietal character we love so much. 
The winery itself is often beautiful and elegant giving the impression of devotion and deeply rooted traditions handed down through generations of dedicated wine makers. It too leaves us with the impression of a romantic love story, chaotic in harvest and serene in patience for the now developing young wine. So, alive and vibrant some we will drink now others will need time to mature into the beautiful expressions of love and devotion they are meant to be. 
The bottles and glasses themselves designed by both necessity and art leave us with a sense of elegance and culture. Each bottle designed for that wines needs and glasses that allow the perfect expression of that wines character and finesse. How can we not get caught up in the romantic sexiness of this so noble and traditional of all drinks? 
Wines, more than any other drinks have a natural affinity for food and gatherings. Food in its own right is sexy and beautiful, it is of little wonder that these two made the evening their’s and theirs alone. The synergistic relationships between wine, food and friends have kept and will keep them a part of human history for all time. 
So, back to our original question “Does drinking wine make me sexy?” To be able to appreciate the work, devotion, love, history, beauty and elegance in a glass of wine requires an understanding of all of these attributes. That my dear is a thing of beauty in itself, so the answer is a resounding “YES”! May every glass of wine we consume be appreciated and honored for the work of art it truly is in this world.