“A low-angle shot of several skyscrapers in a city” by Sean Pollock on Unsplash

It’s not too hard to improve the world with software, at least in theory. If you are a programmer like me, you probably know this.

For example, my wife keeps complaining about how scheduling works in her hospital. There are 40 people in her team. Some of them work part-time…

I use naive math to explain teamwork

Alas, people are not numbers. Managers can’t solve too many problems in Excel. Nevertheless, thinking about teamwork in terms of variables and equations has always been entertaining for me and often also helpful.

Of course, my naive teamwork math isn’t exact science. It doesn’t yield complete answers or lead to…

The market will not perceive your company as ten different things, some of which are good and some of which are bad. Your company will either do good or bad in the market.

Your customers will not love your product for these four features, but hate it for those two…

“Les Voyageurs”, Bruno Catalano

I was at a friend’s birthday party on Saturday. Maybe it’s because we’re getting older but, at some point, we ended up talking about things that worry us. Someone noticed that I seem to be touched more than most Slovenians by the current refugee crisis.

“Is it because you’re a…

Photo by NY Post

A great basketball team is put together by a great coach. It is not put together by asking each player to vote whether somebody new should join their team or not. It may seem intuitive or even fair that players should have a say in who they should be playing…

“What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?”

— George Eliot

My wife, Milena, has always wanted to be a midwife.

She didn’t really have to, but she still decided to enroll into a medical school at the age of 25…

Rodoljub Petrović

Develops and scales software, engineering teams, two children and one dog

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