Every organisation (including a person, which is an organisation of one) has two things: assets and aspirations. Assets are what you have. Aspirations are what you want. Ideally, your assets help you fulfil your aspirations.

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Assets can be physical things like: time, money, tools or products, but also more abstract things like: ideas, knowledge, relationships or reputation.

Aspirations can be close or distant. Close are short-term, more certain, operational things you need to do (i.e., tasks). Distant aspirations are long-term, less certain, strategic things you aim to achieve (i.e., goals).

The most distant aspiration is your vision. It is the least certain thing you want that you still believe you can obtain if you begin with the assets you have. …

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Let’s say you open your team’s Trello board in the morning and see your face on three cards. The first one is for a feature you’re currently working on. On the second one, a colleague is asking you to review a feature she’s finished developing. On the third card, another colleague is asking you to help him QA and release his feature. Which card do you address first?

The first card represents creative work that is owned by you. The allure of that is easy to see. The second card requires reading and, more importantly, understanding someone else’s code, then giving them constructive feedback. The third card requires understanding how a new feature will be used in the real world, diligently testing different scenarios, then pre-empting anything that could go wrong after the release. …

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It’s not too hard to improve the world with software, at least in theory. If you are a programmer like me, you probably know this.

For example, my wife keeps complaining about how scheduling works in her hospital. There are 40 people in her team. Some of them work part-time, some get sick, some have kids who get sick, some go on a vacation, etc. …


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Develops and scales software, engineering teams, two children and one dog

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