Congress screwed up this simple bit of the law when it comes to keeping pilots and passengers safe. And I had it all wrong.

TLDR: Pilots think they are safe from drones when flying above 400 feet above the ground. They have been told that software and the regulations keep drones out of the airspace where we regularly fly. But ironically, those rules only apply to professional drone operators, not hobbyists. Congress needs to…

The Future of On-Demand Mobility Is Here. Now.

I want to let you in on a secret. What if you could have access to a whole new way get to where you want to go? What if we could offer you a better way to get around on trips too long for Uber, but too short for the…

Flight time is the secret sauce to success.
It’s like getting runs on base.

I wrote that headline because, “Sabermetrics for Flight Schools, Flying Clubs, and Anyone Who Wants to Make A Buck In Aviation,” just doesn't roll off the tongue.

I find the movie “Moneyball” inspiring. It’s a…

Sometimes Regulations Are Written In Blood

In aviation, we say that “regulations are written in blood.”

Pilots often complain about regulations, but they generally recognize that those regulations are often based on experience and events that have cost others their property, their lives, or both. We know that the legal environment of aviation often lags behind…

Rod Rakic

Recovering entrepreneur. Professional pilot, flight instructor, husband, father, nerd. Inspired by jobs to be done.

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