Civil Air Patrol is The Hot New Fashion Brand in Japan This Spring

CAP has now apparently made it big in Japan.

Rod Rakic
Mar 13, 2017 · 3 min read

The Civil Air Patrol has become a serious fashion statement overseas.

Wait. What?

Volunteering to serve in the Civil Air Patrol has been a lot of things, but stylish has never been one of them. Until now. Seriously. I’m gobsmacked.

Hot trends from the 2017 Spring Catalog

My squadron-mates Jason and Stefan both happen to be in Japan and met up in Tokyo to find, of all things… CAP has been been co-opted into fashion.

Now just a tick, before you just assume it was some random hipster who was sporting something they grabbed on eBay….

…wait for it

Our intrepid Airmen tracked down the storefront in Shibuya.

Yes. This is the AVIREX storefront in Tokyo. No kidding. Their display window full of Civil Air Patrol inspired merchandise.

Some of images from the Spring catalog…

Apparently… the cool kids over there love this stuff…

I stole this from their blog.

Really… I can’t… I just can’t. So I’m just going to post a bunch of glamorous fashion photography and go now. Enjoy.

I am too sexy for this shirt.
You too can be sexy Airman.
In all it’s embroidered glory.
For the ladies…

Japan has given us some crazy cultural phenomena… but this just about made my head explode.

Semper Vi my friends… Semper Vi…

Rod Rakic

Written by

Rod Rakic

co-founder at OpenAirplane, growing FlyOtto, professional pilot, flight instructor, husband, father, nerd.

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