Who Are the Police Really Protecting? Not David Jones.

“You’re Celebrating Killing Black People!” In 2017 we have seen nothing but turmoil. We have seen riots, we’ve seen prejudice, we’ve seen nothing but racial separation. All of these things have come after many events, most commonly a black man having just been killed by a cop for absolutely no justifiable reason. It is my belief that a black police officer can unjustly kill a black man and get off with almost no punishment. This is also coupled with the fact that many people are not only okay with this, but they support it.

The quote at the top comes from an article from NBC Philadelphia. In the article it describes a cop named Ryan Pownall and the fundraiser that was held for him and his family. He was released from his police department for multiple, on camera, infractions that lead to the death of a black man. The incident goes like this. Officer Ryan pulls over the, then alive, David Jones for riding a dirt bike in the street which is illegal. This is completely understandable. They got into an altercation and Pownall got the upper hand and pulled the trigger but the gun jammed. While Pownall fixed his jammed gun, David chose to drop the gun he had on him a flee at which point officer Pownall shot him in the back and buttocks.

My whole issue with the situations comes at the end. See the thing is David Jones had the option to continue fighting officer Pownall, yet as the video show, David drops his gun and runs while Pownall is busy fixing his gun. He is at this point no threat to the cop, yet all David got was shots in his back. On the video you can see David running with his back turned, why shoot him multiple times? This can’t be called self-defense. One quote that the police commissioner said was “There were serious policy violations that were committed — ones that were on video,” Ross said during a news conference. “It’s not even a question of what someone’s perception was versus another’s. I saw it. The shooting investigators saw it. And that’s where it starts and stops.”

So back to the main purpose of the article. Why are cops getting off with shooting unarmed black men and not receiving relatively any punishment and why are people supporting these kind of actions? Here’s the honest truth. If anybody got in a struggle with someone and then as that person was running away they shot them in the back, on public property as per where the David Jones was, they would be looking at jail time. Simple as that. So why is it that this cop got released and that people felt the need to have a fundraiser for him? Then after people come to protest at the fundraiser and his house the leader of the police union calls them a “pack of rabid animals.” He says the threatened the cop and his family… buy using a form of peaceful protest, while I might add, they are unarmed. There is no threat. The leader of Black Lives Matter in Philadelphia said this about the commissioner’s comments, “We’re not going to dignify that with an answer,” Khalif said. “That ridiculous comment doesn’t deserve a response. I’ll simply say, ‘Justice for David Jones.’”

Some people will point to the reason David was shot was because he got in a struggle with the cop, at that point had the gun not jammed we would’ve been having a completely different conversation, but as soon as he dropped his gun and ran, shots should not have been fired. Why shoot, I don’t understand why you would make the conscious decision to shoot David Jones.

The issue at hand here is another man died and yet another cop gets off with way less of a punishment than he should have received. Another man can no longer see his friends or his family. Another man has to end up on a shirt. Another man no longer gets to experience life, yet the cop sees no jail time and gets a fundraiser.

Every time you pull the trigger on a gun you are making the conscious decision that you are okay with whatever comes along with pulling the trigger. For these officers that shoot unarmed black men they know what they are doing when they pull the trigger. Cops are knowingly doing things wrong/illegal, so when does this end? Or better yet… where does it end?

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