Apple Has Lost Its Charm
Noah Halford

I wonder if the reason it has lost its charm is due to its success. Apple today controls the mobile device market by an ample margin. I don’t know where is Apple in terms for laptop market share but I also assume it is really high. The consequence of this is that when you walk to any cafe you will see EVERYONE working, emailing, facebooking, on a Mac. Not only that, but on Macs that are nearly identical to each other. On its success, Apple has been able to make everyone look uniform and compliant. This is also due to the semi-close ecosystem, limited options within product lines, etc.

When you walk into a cafe, and see a person on a Lenovo (ugliest laptop that I can think of) you think: ”That guy must be up to something crazy”.

The person with non-Apple is now the rebel. I think they know this too.

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