One Year Later…

I would like to take the time to explain the life that I've experienced at my favorite organization: Just About Kids Foundation.

In August 2013, I started working for Just About Kids Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, that teaches how to be an entrepreneur and leader. I wanted to get involved in my community to serve and use my own time doing stuff to benefit the community and have the opportunity to participate in a full-rundown of events.

The Just About Kids student volunteer team at This Is Kingwood festival, March 2014

I got to meet several of the greatest people of my life. They felt like my second family. We had a lot of fun and sometimes joked around. I loved the team; they will be forever be in my soul. (Shoutout to my friends who are reading this!) So, here is my full year in review of volunteering at the organization:

In July of 2013, I joined the organization by simply emailing the former president of the organization, then I was forwarded to the founder/manager of the organization. Later in late August, when it was the week of my high school student orientation, I was asked if I was available to volunteer at the orientation, I said yes. My first of many sessions began from there.

After that, I attended the club meetings to get to know more about the organization itself and what their motivation was set out for. Then, after an elevator pitch, I finally understood what they were trying to support.

What was it like? Something like this:

Enough of me obsessing over NBC’s The Blacklist, it just sounded reasonable for me to startup as a volunteer right away with other students. We had lunch with some teachers that day that I never met before. We chatted a bit about the organization and got more in depth about what it was really all about. Later, we went back to work afterwards, it was a lot of fun when were just there.

As the year went on, For The Love of Music was going near towards its showtime date, we had at least one month to get prepared in order to make sure it was going smoothly as planned. We did not have time or room for mistakes. Auditions were in the end of January and judges have decided to move the selected people to final round and everyone was invited to come to the tribute concert.

It was unfortunate that we didn't have the opportunity to host the annual host of the Teacher’s Got Talent that year. ☹ I was super excited in the beginning, but it was sad to see it cancelled later.

Also, I was selected to be the Vice President of Information Technology and I still serve this position today until I graduate.

The End of the Year Party, May 2014

Fast forward to the end of May, Everyone was gathering around and have the end-of-the-year party. This past year, the journey was just the beginning. Nothing would be the same if we didn't collaborated together as a team. I will also like to thank to the school administrators and the faculty for still making the organization better than ever before.

You changed me forever. As I said above the article: I love you guys as a friend forever.

Written with ❤.

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