( Holden at 80 )

Holden Caulfield was you when you were fourteen. Now he knows you´re a phony. The difference is erudition. It´s impossible to be a close reader and read The Catcher in the Rye. A closer reader is a doubting reader. He has read much and knows enough to double-guess first-person narrators…

(Everything must go)

Purchase my life. Return to sender. One size fits all. Batteries not included. Prices are so low. It´s insane.

Refund my day. View the stats. Ask for a discount. Buy one, take two free.

Cancel my apologies. 5 million served. Read the fine print. Bought objects may seem larger than they appear.

Strike a pose. Copy and paste. Omit mug shot. Press return.

Open my calendar. Rip any page. Mondays off. Call me whenever

Sample an idiot. Pick a number. Handle with care. Salute his joy. Playing at locations everywhere.

Do not enter. Gift- wrap my love. Delete my virus. Keep away, please stay safe.

(Just a city I used to know)

Maybe I wasn´t actually born there, but that´s a matter of opinion. Writing about her is almost desecration. The more you talk, the more it wears off, and I could never make it justice with words. Her whirling bright blue, a thrill of blonde. …

Rodrigo Bahadian

Graduate of Muddy Waters School for the Blind

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