My first email for our HandsOn community where I shared an important story from our first steps!

My name is Rodrigo and I am the founder @HandsOn.TV.

I wish you an amazing 2016 and I honestly hope it will bring you happiness and success!

Before I get into the purpose of this email, I want to share with you a text that I wrote in August 2013 when I started HandsOn.TV as a Web TV in Silicon Valley.

“Historically the world has been shaped by entrepreneurs, people just like you and me who step outside of their comfort zone to create something that improves their world. Creations in today’s world are riskier and more disruptive than ever before. The innovation economy brings us massive amounts of information which empowers millions to realize their creative potential. Imagine a place that collects all this great information and helps document these amazing creations — a platform that helps educate and inspire a generation of new ideas.
Welcome to HandsOn.TV: We believe that the entrepreneurial mindset can change the world for better!”

When I wrote this text I was thinking as a Web TV. Couple of months later I realize that we should build our own video platform to not only curate and organize great content for consumers but to improve their experience on video content consumption and also because as a content creator I didn’t have the features that I expect from the platform that I was using at the time.

Looking for a CTO…

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As I said on the beginning of this message, I would tell you a story before talking about the purpose. Now I can say that my purpose for this email is the same as our purpose for HandsOn.TV. Share our story, progress and learn with new experiences to help you to unleash your potential. My hope as an individual and our hope as a company is that we can increase the impact we make in your life, bringing you more value every day.

Please give me your feedback on this email!
Is it too long? Does it bring value to you? 
Next week I will share with you our vision and goals for 2016!

Thanks for reading,
Rodrigo Barros, Founder & CEO of HandsOn.TV

PS: We are working hard to bring the best content and experience on content consumption. Feel free to share some of your ideas to help us to accelerate our process ;-)

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