What do you want for 2016?

You may have many desires, dreams and wishes, but the fact is: the only thing that can really make 2016 the way you want it to be is your attitude. The way YOU choose to behave has the potential to make your dreams come true.

While on a turn of the year reflection, I came to the conclusion: I want to be better!

However, this sentence sounds very generic and, since I am aware of my need to specify my goals, I started to work even more on the possibilities of that idea. While trying to make it more specific, I was able to come up with the type of values that should be a part of this new mentality for this new year. For my personal life, I chose love, patience, and balance. For the professional sphere, I chose being aligned with my purposes, discipline, and cadence. These two aspects are very important in my life but for this text, I intend to focus only on the professional perspective.

The most important thing when it comes to these decisions is to know that leaving things to fate will not result in evolution. Only my choices can result in that. By realizing it, I also understand that some of these choices may end up sacrificing short-term results but will end up being very rewarding during the process of maturing of each project through the consolidation of a steady base. It is true that my maturity and past experiences are very important in a moment like that. However, I believe that the mistakes I made previously will work as irreplaceable lessons when it comes to making decisions this year.

An example for you to reflect on while analyzing the importance of having cadence permeating our dedication to an investment: One of my main personal characteristics is intensity, the ability to completely immerse myself in a Project from the very first contact with it. The problem is that sometimes in a not so long ago past, I didn’t have the cadence I needed in order to achieve better results, even with all the energy I had invested and, because I lacked this cadence, I left important assets behind.

In many of the decisions I’ve made — mostly because I was not aligned with my purposes — I chose paths that actually ended up having amazing results, however short-lived ones. Those were results incapable of lasting beyond that initial success. By doing that, I missed the opportunity of creating something that was aligned with my values, my beliefs and my legacy.

The choices made this year are certainly supposed to be in tune with the personal sphere. The context in which we are inserted will be essential in choosing the paths we want to walk on. 2016's results will certainly be related to the decisions you make, your level of initiative, your attitude, how ready you are and the choices you have made in previous years. By that same line of thought, 2020 results will be a result of choices you made in 2016 and in the following 3 years.

I am usually restless and bothered by the status quo but I am also extremely motivated and in love with my goals and my legacy. I want to have by my side only those with the ability to dream and at the same time, the discipline to execute.

I wish you a very special 2016 and I hope we can exchange information and experiences that may contribute to our legacies!

Rodrigo Barros