Originally posted on LinkedIn in October 8, 2017

In the begging of 2017, I posted an infographic about my career. Since then, a lot has happened and I felt like this is a good time to make an update (maybe make this seasonal?).

The most important change I think is my ultimate goal: to become the best Chief Data Officer (CDO). Data is the most important asset of this era and being able to transform it into useful information reliably and on a large scale is the ultimate skill of my generation. CDO is the perfect blend of leading teams and leveraging data into effective ideas and decision.

Once again, I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I enjoy making it :)

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Mr. Robot

During a good part of my career I always worked with development and data analysis/science. Although I love it, it’s an abstract work where the results are programs and presentations. And I confess that I envy jobs that build “real world palpable things”, such as Architects or Chefs.

So a few months ago I stumbled upon this awesome video of an autonomous remote control (RC) car, and binding this with the constant growth of the Maker culture, it became a real inspiration for me. But it wasn’t until I joined Uber that I truly got motivated to make my own.

Just an FYI: I’m not the first one to build this. …

Here is a challenge to you: Describe the taste of Salt without using the word “Salty”. Another: Describe the color red to a blind person. Difficult, isn’t it? That is because we’re talking about Qualia, i.e. the internal and subjective sense of each individual.

It’s the idea of, even if you know everything that is to know about something, there is still something internal about it in our own perception. It’s explained in a though experiment know as Mary’s Room: A neurosurgeon spends her whole life inside a black and white room with a black and white computer studying the concept and perception of colors. …


Rodrigo Cava

Data Scientist, Maker and Designer

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