The presidential management towards Pedro Pablo Kuczynski 100 days in Peru

Since last July 28, economist Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK) sworn in as president of Peru, in his first message to the nation, PPK gave details of the actions to be undertaken with management ahead of the first hundred days of his stay in power. The most prominent themes undoubtedly were related to the fight against insecurity, unlock important projects in infrastructure and revive the situation of the Peruvian economy. In this regard, it detailed that actions have already been given.

To start in insecurity. In his early days as president, Kuczynski ordered the Interior Ministry, in charge of the Peruvian police, was the first portfolio that define its strategic plan to solve the crime, according to official figures from the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI) there is alarmingly in different regions of Peru.

In this regard, the industry Interior defined, immediately, the following measures: implementation of the massification of reward system for citizens to collaborate with justice by giving people information that are required for committing a crime. Furthermore, the performance of 14 of the 30 mega-operations involving police intelligence personnel and operations. On the other hand, he was retired 39 generals and 350 more agents joined for criminal investigation. All this to fight crime that so far, results are expected in the long term.

Then in the second issue that was unlatch important projects in infrastructure, it is public knowledge that the government of Ollanta Humala left the management Kuczynski six mega projects of more than US $ 18,000 million for its opening once culminate works. Including Line 2 Metro de Lima stood out, road network 6, the second runway at Jorge Chavez airport and airport construction Chinchero (Cusco).

In this regard, for Metro Line 2 (Callao), it was decided that the construction of the first section of this work is on the ground to reduce costs to the state and list be 2018. On the other hand, in the case of the second Jorge Chavez airport runway, the award for ten years of work to complete without any irregularities were raised. For the construction of the air terminal Chinchero (Cusco), it has negotiated a lower co-financing to reduce debt in the future. And for the road network 6 has been releasing more land so that the leg to go Ica ending. These decisions have been taken so that there are no allegations of overvaluation of works in the future.

Finally, the third issue is the revitalization of the economy. It is clear that the government of Ollanta Humala left us on a percentage of a poor 3.5% annual growth compared 7% recorded in 2011. Therefore, the Executive proposed — at the request of the Ministry of Economy and Finances to Congress projected fiscal deficit for the next five years is 1% of gross domestic product (GDP), so it leaves afloat the financial situation of Peru.

And precisely this also relates to the process of formalizing businesses. Likewise with Delocking of investment projects and the strengthening of the National Customs and Tax Administration (SUNAT). Pro reorganizations Investment and SNIP is also contemplated.

Therefore, although the measures mentioned are the main ones that raised the government of Pedro Pablo Kuczynski so far, the feeling that this incoming management can make major reforms that the Peruvian State requires, for decades, in persists other sectors such as education and health. cabinet full of technocrats who have had experience as public officials have. So it is only in the mind of President Kuczynski make the well reaches Peru 2021, where fulfill our bicentennial of the Republic. Hopefully at the end fulfill its promise to leave a more modern country forward.

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