A new challenge — and a short break

Toronto waterfront, by Filip Mroz

After 3.5 years at Neighborly, I’m moving on to a new challenge. It’s been an incredible journey helping build the company and reach the first $100 million of the future of public finance. It’s also a rare privilege to see a product you’re working on evolve from an idea that most people wrote off to a thriving, award-winning business — and to work on it with such a talented group of people. I’ll miss you, Neighbors!

Meanwhile, I’ll be shifting focus slightly away from fintech, but staying squarely in the space of civic technology and building the infrastructure that communities need to thrive.

Next month I’m joining Strava as product manager for Metro, which helps city planners and transit agencies make the places we love more walkable, bikeable, hikeable and generally enjoyable. If you work in the transit space or are have ideas about how to better serve non-car commuters, please get in touch. Want to come and work with us? We’re hiring in SF, Denver and Japan.

Before starting at Strava I’m taking a short break — during which I’m volunteering with two local organizations I’m very excited about. They need your support!

Code Tenderloin provides education and training for Bay Area residents in job readiness, career development and technology skills. It partners with local employers to help people overcome barriers to access and find secure employment opportunities. Volunteer or donate to support this vital work.

Startups in Residence brings together city agencies with civic tech startups to solve critical problems the city and its residents are facing. I serve as an ambassador for the San Francisco program, mentoring startups as they navigate the challenges of building products for local government. Find out more about STIR for cities, or if you’re a startup, apply here.

See you on the flipside.