Past research on civic crowdfunding

I’ve wrapped up my work on the Civic Crowdfunding Research Project since starting at Neighborly. Below you can find information on previous talks and publications from the project.

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Davies, Rodrigo and Roberts, Amanda (2015), “Understanding the Crowd, Following the Community: The Need for Better Data in Community Development Crowdfunding”. Working Papers Series Volume 2015, Issue 07. San Francisco: Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

Davies, Rodrigo (2015), “Four Civic Roles for Crowdfunding” in Bennett, Chin and Jones (eds.), Crowdfunding the Future: Media Industries, Ethics and Digital Society. London: Peter Lang.

Davies, Rodrigo (2015), “Three Provocations for Civic Crowfunding”. Information, Communication and Society, 18 (3). Routledge. Here’s a draft version.

Davies, Rodrigo (2014), Civic Crowdfunding: Participatory Communities, Entrepreneurs and the Political Economy of Place. MIT Masters Thesis. Cambridge, MA. (Here’s a summary of its findings.)

Upcoming publications

  • “How Cities Can Crowdfund: Models of Engagement” in Almirall and Cohen (eds.), Open Innovation as a Driver for Smart Cities. New York: Springer. Under Review.

Media comments

Talks and workshops