Artist Statement

Once Cartier Bresson said:
“To photograph is to put in the same line, the head, the eye and the heart.”

For me, this sentence sums up the feeling that leads me to photograph. Because shooting is not just adjusting the camera and pressing a button. I like to photograph what awakens my attention, what attracts my look, what excites me or what I have some connection with.

I started to get interested in photography during 8mm slides and movies sessions, which my father used to do at home during my childhood. There was something magical about those pictures projected on the wall, as if I could be transported to those places and moments.

My first photos were of family parties and trips, made with compact film cameras. After buying my first DSLR and experimenting with different techniques and subjects, I started to become more interested in the textures around me, through nature and landscape photographs.

I believe that the vision is trained as we exercise it, paying attention to what surrounds us and observing the world around us. For shooting, you do not need a camera, but just keeping your eyes watchful. How many times I think to myself, “Oh, if I had a camera with me right now …”

My biggest inspirations for shooting are:

- Being in touch with nature. To smell the wet earth, to hear the song of a bird, are simple things that we stop estimating in our increasingly busy day, especially in the big cities.

- Being exploring a place for the first time, not knowing what I will find next. In a world more and more connected and more predictable, this emotion of being in an unknown place is very stimulating.

- To see what goes unnoticed in our daily life. When we are busy in our routines, we do not look at the real world, we just go through it. You can find a lot of beauty in the small details.

With my photograph, I would like to give people a little bit of wonder, awe and hope. To make people aware of what is beautiful and precious in the world, and how important it is to preserve these things. To cause people to contemplate and reflect on our reality, on the reality of our world and the effect of our decisions, so that we can create a better world for our children and grandchildren.

Just like the child, who every day discovers something new in the world, we adults should keep that flame of wonder and curiosity alive.
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