How can I adjust the budget of an ABM ad campaign once it is under way?

Sometimes it’s necessary to adjust your ABM ad campaign budget. Perhaps you need to increase your influence in advance of a conference, or maybe you want to reduce budget to convert the campaign into a slow boil nurture campaign. Either way, there are two ways to adjust the ad budget for an active campaign in ListenLoop.

First, you can change the ad budget at any time by navigating to the “Accounts” page:

Navigate to the accounts page to update the ABM ad budget.

Then, click on “increase budget to boost intensity >” to view the budget options.


In the modal window, you can set your own budget, or use one of the suggested monthly ad budgets for your ABM campaign.

Set the Budget for your ABM campaign in this modal window.

On the right-hand side, you can see the estimated impression intensity that each account will receive. In general, ListenLoop recommends $5 per account per month to $50 per account per month.

In other instances, if ListenLoop detects that your budget is too low, the system will inform at the top of your campaign.

There, you can click on the budget options to change your monthly spend accordingly.


Originally published at ListenLoop’s Marketing Blog.