Do I need JavaScript tags in my website

New video coming, we are going to cover a question that comes up every now and again, and it is do I need JavaScript tags in order to work with ListenLoop? And the answer is it depends on what you want to accomplish. JS tags — have them or leave them? Below is a transcript of the video, edited for your reading preference.

Categorically, the answer is yes — you should add them to your site if you want to do a retargeting use case. Now as a reminder, a retargeting use case is a scenario where you drop a first party cookie on an individual visitor who has already been to your website and you want to deliver some ads.

Specifically, a series of ads that are related to maybe some content they have already viewed on your website will be very powerful.

Now the alternative is if you are doing a pure net new traffic approach. Net new traffic, again, refers to the ability to target a specific list of accounts and job titles at those accounts even though these people have never been to your website before — a very powerful way of advertising and supporting your account-based marketing initiatives. So it really depends on what you want to accomplish and whether you are doing a pure NNT or if you are doing a mix of NNT and retargeting. In which case, you should definitely add some JavaScript tags.

But here is the curve ball. I actually recommend that you add JavaScript tags even if you are doing an NNT campaign because we can then also do something that is called Account Engagement Analytics. So what ends up happening is that when we are on your website, I’m talking about the ListenLoop JavaScript tags, we are actually…For each visitor that comes to your website (let’s call it ACME Co), we’re going to track their IP address. We’re going to look at their behaviors on your website. We’re going to get as much information and compare that to other cookie data we have about this individual across our network of clients. And we are going to look at all of these information and start associating this to the company that they belong to. This is their employer.

Digestible Example:

So let’s say you wanted to target Delta Airlines as a company. So if we are able to identify that this individual is from Delta, how powerful would that be for your campaigns? Well, for one, you would start identifying the list of companies that are seeing increased engagement at your website. Now, why is that valuable? Because if you are able to see a report that has the individual companies you’re interested in, let’s call it Delta, American Airlines, Southwest and United — and you see United is a little bit engaged; Southwest is very engaged; American Airlines is medium; Delta is low. Now what would you do with this kind of information? Well, if you saw that the engagement levels were differing across the different accounts that you are targeting, you might go ahead and target this individual or this account for more phone calls and increased email campaigns. Maybe you would invite them over to one of your local events like a steak dinner or something of that sort. So being able to see how your different accounts are engaging with your website, how much time they’re spending, and how many pageviews they are accessing will allow you to focus the energy of your account-based initiatives on those specific accounts.

Now it also serves a secondary function, which is to provide a reporting functionality for you and management. So at the end of a campaign or in the middle, you would be able to see how this specific ad campaign or your overall marketing initiatives are driving engagement across the list of accounts that you are actively targeting.

So those are different and very powerful reasons why you would want to include the ListenLoop JavaScript tags on your website even if you are not actively doing a pure net new targeting approach.

This has been another session of demystifying the ad tech world with ListenLoop with a specific focus on account based marketing. I encourage you to ask questions and share the knowledge over on LinkedIn. Until next time. This has been Rod at ListenLoop.

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Originally published at ListenLoop’s Marketing Blog.