“If you don’t rule your mind, it will rule you”

Eliud Kipchoge, arguably the best marathon runner of all times said those wise words during an interview “if you don’t rule your mind it will rule you”. Such a strong phrase from a person who undoubtedly gets challenged by his mind every day, 300km of running every week, regardless of weather, personal issues, moods or anything else that can come and jeopardize the life of a human being. Yet, he does it, somehow he summons the strength of waking up everyday at 6am and run an average of 20km, that’s just for his morning run. He did it also at that Berlin Marathon in 2015 when the insoles of his shoes were coming out almost since the beginning of the race, he didn’t stop despite the blisters caused by it, he won the race. I decided to write with my terrible hand-writing those words on an A4 paper and stick it on the wall of my living room, so I can look at it every day and remind myself that I decide who wins the battle between my negative and my positive mind.

Today, as my alarm went off at 8am, it was dark as dark can be, anyone who lives in the Nordic countries or has visited them during this time of the year knows it. The Finns call it “Kaamos”, the period of the year when the Sun doesn’t rise on the horizon anymore past the arctic circle. Helsinki is relatively far from it but not far enough to make 8am look like it’s actually morning time instead of night time. Sometimes it’s just hard to get the strength to have even a normal day. Today was one of those morning for me, as I was struggling to keep my eyes open I started thinking; “do I really need to write that post?”, “do I really need to keep working on my projects when I’m not even sure they will work?”, “do I really need to work out”?

As I struggled almost dragging my bed sheets towards the coffee machine I saw that paper again….”if you don’t rule your mind it will rule you”..instant effect on my mood, I immediately knew I had to keep the swing going so I turned on some nice music, prepared some coffee, put some clothes on and started working on my projects. It’s not the darkness, it’s not the weather, it’s not the this or that, it is ourselves who stop ourselves from doing things, but it’s also us who can make it happen despite anything else around us. It is easier and it is tougher that it sounds but the decision is ours, no one else’s. I stopped training because “I had no time between my full-time job, my projects, my daughter, my blog, my friends”…excuses. Today as I felt the shittiest in a long time, I decided to rule my mind and go back to training, not because I need to prove anything, just because I want to try going the opposite way when I feel the worst, instead of slowing down, speeding up.

And I don’t pretend to make this 365-blog an example to anyone, I don’t pretend to preach, I don’t pretend to do anything else that to share with those interested to read me my everyday joys, struggles, experiences, process, my life as it is, with ups and downs, with lows and lowers. I hope in one year I can have many of my business plans materialized, I want to share the whole process with the extra things that come in life, to make it more human than the “I made it look at me”. Next Friday some of the things I’ve been planning will start coming to life and I am super pumped, until then I’ll just keep waking up and working hard everyday, until it pays off, it’s really my decision to rule my mind…


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