I came out to my parents as gay. This is what I said.

I want to say something to you. I should have said that long time ago but i think it was because of a lack of courage or because I was away from home for so long that i was always finding myself postponing. I believe there is never a right moment to talk about this. I believe i would never had to talk about this to you. But today i see i owe you this.

What I want to say is: I’m gay. I never meant to hide this. I was never different with you or with anyone. I’m gay since I know myself. This is not an option, not a berrance. I’m not inferior to anyone for being like that.

I’m sorry for this. Not for being what I am, but sorry for the way you must be feeling right now. I know this feeling, because I felt it for the most time of my life. Shame. Disbelief. Rejection for being afraid of something I always knew about since I was a child, something so basic to my nature as the colors of my eyes. Afraid of being condemned or rejected by several people, mainly in this town. Afraid of something not normal to some people, but for me always so normal as my eyes are brown or my skin is white.

I wish someone had said to me as achild that it’s ok! You can grow up and be a doctor or a engineer like any person. You are not crazy or sick. You can go out and be happy and find peace with your friends — all kinds of friends — who won’t give a damn about who you are. Above all, however, you can love and be loved without hating yourself for it.

But no one told me this. I had to learn while I was growing up.

I’m gay and I’m so proud of that. I’m proud to be who I am and I hope someday you would be too. Maybe that’s why I pulled you all, my family, away. I had a secret and because of that I closed myself up to you. I have never told nothing what was really happening in my life, you never knew when I was heartbroken, if something happened to me or if someone was homophobic to me. I have never let appear nothing of that. I’m sorry about that.

You will never know what is to be gay in the society of today, but I thank God for being born in this time and not in the past. I thank God for being born in this family than in any other because I have parents and sister who have never asked me to be something I’m not. I thank God for being born in a family that has always wanted me and has always wanted the best for me.

I’m from a such enlightened generation. A generation that fights for equality, fights against any kind of prejudice. I was so lucky in this life because I have around me only friends who bring the best of me, friends who always accept me and love me.

Being gay taught me tolerance, compassion and humility. It showed me infinite possibilities of life. It gave me people whose passion, affection and sensitivity have given me a constant source of strength.

Not so much to say, except I am the same person you have always knew .You only know me better. I never did anything consciously to hurt you. And I will never do.