Day Manifesto — Start it, Finish it.

Start it.
Bring the end of the eternal beginning. It is time.

It is time to make it bigger than your days. It should last.

Refuse to start each day as it was disconnected and distant from the day before. Connect them in a single path. Always forward.

It is about time to be yourself and to travel through our own adventure.
It is so much expected. But it may only concerns to you.
There is no exit possible from boredom except this.
Refuse to get you attention kidnapped by issues of others.
There is no better time, better reason, better opportunity.
No issue will be of your concern until it meets you in your own path.
Everything else is just noise, distractions which will make you lose your pace.

From now on, decide. From now on, command.

Know that your WILL is your master. It should be your guide. The only guide to listen. Listen to your WILL, then ask yourself, then make a plan.

The answers of others are just a whisper of other paths, walked by others, willed by others. They can teach, but they might never be walked again. Learn, don’t wander.

The first question and the last answer must always come from you.
You know it always should be like this. It is the only way it can mean something.

Each day must be planned in the night before.
Write about your day ever night.
Live once, learn forever. Don’t forget.
Deny the divisions of the days, your WILL is bigger than the days, weeks, months, eras.

Every first hour of your day must be of meditation.
You should prepare your mind. Connect what happened before with what will happen now. Sleep well, for your body and my mind are instruments of your WILL. They should not be a barrier, but a trustworthy friend in your journey.
Divide your day in four acts, for there are distractions in the your path and mind and body may wander.

Act one, two, three and four.
Stop, plan and conquer.

Always consult your WILL. At the end of the day, collect your experiences. They are food for your WILL.
Repetitive actions must be perfected, they should be played as music.

You dance, you plan, you move. Joy may follow you.

Never complain. Try not to bend the reality. Face it. Be improved by it.
For to complain is to let fear poison your mind.
Your path can only be connect to the world as it is. Understand.
Go through it.

For can only exist a beginning after a new finish.

Finish it.
Just to Start it all over again.