The glory of young men is their strength

Gray hair the splendor of the old - Proverbs 20:29

Time passes for everyone. We all fulfill the cycle of life: to be born, grow, die. The book of Proverbs teaches us that all these phases should be celebrated. In our post-modern society, we increasingly see the exaltation of youth, the cult of the body and beauty. Growing old is not in anyone’s plans, at least not in their appearance. Every day new surgical procedures appear to stretch here, fill there, and “the sixty is becoming the new thirty.”

Besides the aversion to physical aging, we are also giving up the maturing. The elderly are no longer life examples. We all are willing to live the “eternal youth” and the young man became the guide of this runaway train. For millennia, different cultures have had in their older members instances of wisdom and authority. The young should hear the older, the voice of experience. These usually exercised roles of paramount importance in these communities. Today, we see our society treat the elderly with contempt and neglect, as those who cannot produce in a society focused on production and consumption. Cards off the deck. Hence, we are despising the learning from the mistakes and successes of the elderly and putting our hopes in youth’s inconsequence.

Again, the book of Proverbs teaches us that there is strength in the youth and this strength is essential to turn the wheel of time. But there is splendor in the gray hair of the old, and those should be comfortably seated in the driver’s cabin, showing us the way.

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