Way to ask a dame on a date

In general, it is as follows:

  • Drive the conversation on — sometimes there will not be what might be called “reply”. Just drive.
  • Have a car — or some convenient individual means of transportation.
  • Decide — and keep “deciding” until you discover what her answer would be; that would be “your” final decision.
  • Pay the expenses, preferently.

Sorry those who like it, but I can’t help feeling it sucks. Men playing “the owners of attitude” and women playing “the catered damsels” sound so middle-aged at a time both make decisions and feel in need of care. And conversations which could just be natural are spoiled because people just play — and want to play — the role.

Well, maybe I’m the only one who thinks it sucks, as most want it so. Those who don’t might just follow the instructions above. Good luck :)

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