What if I told you that you did not write your own script until now?

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

This question is cute to answer when you are younger, but as you get older, it is something that keeps you awake at night. I cannot remember how many nights I spent wondering about it. Then, something happened. I had the opportunity to go to an event of self-knowledge whose objective was to make people find their purpose.

In the second day of event, I had to find inside me my purpose and I couldn’t do it; I was perturbed because I thought I knew myself better, but I was extremely in doubt. To write your purpose, you had to define:

Purpose = my contribution + impact

One of the problems was ‘why did contribution and impact have to be in the singular?’ I thought, “I have many ways to contribute and I want to impact in many environments, I know I can”. “Why do we have to limit that to the singular form?” I wondered. I spent an hour thinking about it and nothing came, so the second day of event was over and I did not have my purpose.

The third and last day of event started with a TED that changed my life. Please, if you have some time, watch it! It is amazing.

Emilie brings a knowledge that freed me from the judgment that we have to like just one thing, to do just one thing, to specialize in this thing, and to make money by doing this thing. No, this is not the only way to live! When she talked about multipotentialites, I instantly recognized myself as one of them. I felt a liberating sensation. I was surprised and as happy as I have never been, I finally could know myself.

I decided to be authentic, without overthinking about the judgment of others, because, in that moment, I knew myself better than before and that was enough for me. I knew I could not write my purpose in just four lines. That is why I wrote it in five paragraphs!

With this TED, I gave me the freedom to continue doing all the things that I loved because you never know when you will need to use the skills learned from everything that you did, which brings me to Steve Jobs who made an amazing Commencement Speech at Stanford.

Steve Jobs said that dropping out of college was the best decision of his life. When he did it, he became free to choose the classes he enjoyed, so he took calligraphy classes and at that time, he did not see an application of this knowledge in his life, but ten years later, when he was creating the first Macintosh, all came back to him. Those classes made it possible to create the first personal computer with beautiful typography and perfect fonts.

It is impossible to connect the dots while looking forwards, but it is easy to connect them when looking backwards. The experiences that we live can all come back someday to you and multipotentialites have an amazing amount of them.

After the event, I was transformed, I was ready to get things done, fulfill my purpose, but somehow in my daily life I got myself on the autopilot again, I was doing the same mistakes, I did not have mastered my self-knowledge.

At that time, I was reading this fascinating book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People written by Stephen Covey and it taught me amazing lessons.

The 7 Habits should be a must-read book for every human being. It is incredible!

I learned the real meaning of the word proactive and the difference between being proactive and reactive. Being proactive is to expand your circle of influence, the things that you have power to change, and to reduce your circle of concern, which are the things and the problems that you cannot do anything about them; therefore, they are not worth your time. Living proactively is to use your precious time in your circle of influence.

Another lesson I learned with Stephen’s book is that I have been living a script that was not written by me, but by my parents, teachers and friends. But do not get me wrong, it was not their fault, and they are by no means evil, it is just a mindset passed by friend to friend, father to son, teacher to student. This book taught me that I can write my own script and most importantly, to live it!

Steve Jobs was living by the script of his parents, before he was even adopted, his destiny was going to college, but everything in his life changed when he decided to write his own, that is the power of writing your own journey.

I challenge you to write your own script, as Steve Jobs said

“your time is limited, then do not waste it living someone else’s life”
“Love what you do!”

But remember, there is no problem in loving a bunch of things!

If you live in Brazil and want to know more about the event that changed my life forever, please visit: https://universidade.napratica.org.br/catalise/.

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