• Fernando Panizza

    Fernando Panizza

  • Gus Aragón

    Gus Aragón

    I have over 10 years of experience in software development and management of development teams in different countries. https://www.linkedin.com/in/gustavoaragon

  • eliza monks

    eliza monks

    Minha vida não foi um romance... Ai de mim... Já se ia acabar! Pobre vida que toda depende De um sorriso.. de um gesto.. um olhar... Mário Quintana

  • Fran Pasquini

    Fran Pasquini

  • Bowei Gai

    Bowei Gai

    Founder of World Startup Report. Former co-founder of Snapture Labs & CardMunch (now part of LinkedIn). Watermelon enthusiast, accidental dancer.

  • Sony Capelli

    Sony Capelli

    Vivo en Felicilandia. Amo el chocolate y me encantaria conocer el mundo.

  • Alan Karpovsky

    Alan Karpovsky

    Co-founder of Herolens, the fastest growing ad-tech company in LATAM. MSc. in Computer Science & Engineering from ITBA. Tech enthusiast. Learner. Writer.

  • Antonio Altamirano

    Antonio Altamirano

    Tech Entrepreneur

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