Taylor Swift is the real Kanye West

Last week, a note about how Taylor Swift accused a DJ for “grabbing her butt”, and to be honest, I don’t believe it. Not a single bit.

I’m tired of media portraying Taylor Swift as a role model for girls, being a delicate flower that speaks up for girls and Kanye West as an asshole.

Let me put it simple:

Taylor Swift is an asshole.

Swift’s the one that has started lawsuits against that DJ on a weird scenario. She has complained on Spotify, Apple, Nicki Minaj, clothing brands, ex-boyfriends, photographers, and even fans. She has started legal action against fans that make “fan art”, sell t-shirts, postcards or whatever random stuff on Etsy. She puts a lot of pressure over photographers and tries to control which photos of her can be published. All of the remixes of their fans, even those that are clearly tributes to her, are removed from YouTube.

She acusses everyone. She complains about everything. If there’s something, no matter how small it is, that attempts to take down her image of Mrs. Perfect, she attacks it and sends her lawyers.

And please, please, PLEASE don’t turn this argument about the topics of “rape culture”, “patriarchy”, “gender equality”. I’m not talking about the rights of women vs men. I’m talking specifically about Taylor Swift being a bitch and Kanye West being a creator that wants to be respect.

Unfortunately, she’s just a controlled product from the industry. Just like all the other girls that have been in that throne in the past. I used to respect Swift, but not anymore.

Originally published at blog.rodrigotello.me.